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Ques: How to get FTA channels on dish tv ?


if you want to watch FTA channels on your dish tv. we have a better solution for you. who user are facing this problem reply back then I’ll give you a setting.
after you can watch all 77 FTA channels free without any subscription.

Just go menu-


STB info-

press red button-

press 7531

put home TP freq 11030-H-40700

and press ok

and go to LNB freq & put high freq 12000

press ok.

and switch off STB and press again menu-settings-channel search

now you’ll get all 77 fta channels.

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Author: Pradeep Tomar

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7 thoughts on “Ques: How to get FTA channels on dish tv ?

  1. to see FTA in dishtv without recharge? to see all world FTA channel in DD Direct+?

  2. Hi
    I have a Dish tv LNB & Dish Tv receiver, & Coship Receive so please tell me how can get C-band & ku-band channels. if I bought a Dual LNB C-band+ KU band than how can setup with 90 cm dish.

    I want know that will it work. please give me suggestion because i want increase FTA channel on same dish. I can’t use any bigger dish on my roof because i living on rent. so will i have to purchase any other dual or singal LNB.

    please reply i am waitting

  3. you need to buy only STB. you can use your any dish as well but just you have to turn your dish to right angel so that you can get all free to air channels. now one channel added in free to air channels . now free to air channels in Air 78 channels so enjoy. you will get without payment a movie channel:- enter10, & some entertainment channels like star utasv, zee smile, etc, B4u music, 9X, 9XM, etc punjabi, MH1, music india, E24, and more….

  4. please infor can i watch free to air tv chennels on dishtv without recharging my account
    I tried ur one suggestion that put home tp frequency 11030_h_40700
    But was unable to edit frequenvy


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